I grew up surrounded by minerals in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  My father, a mining engineer and gemologist, has been collecting since I was a child.  (I always had the best show and tells at school.)

I started working for my father when I was 18, accompanying him to mineral shows and on buying trips around the world.  It was quite an education.  In addition, I hold a degree in international business from UNA (Centro Universitário Una).

My father and I have been selling at the international trade show GJX (Gem and Jewelry Exchange) in Tucson, Arizona, for  over30 years. 

In 2005, I began selling gems and minerals online.  My focus has been inclusions in Quartz, rare collector’s gems, and thumbnails.  I also buy collections and inventories.  I tend to gravitate towards aesthetic pieces that I would like to own myself.  

In 2014, my husband and I moved from Los Angeles to the mountains of Asheville, NC.  In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, cooking, and playing with our adorable dog, Willow.  

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